Meet The Founder

Anole Sisters is led by a dedicated governing board. They provide strategic direction, oversight, and support to ensure we stay true to our mission and values. The board plays a crucial role in decision-making and upholding the highest standards of accountability and transparency within our organization.

Rufo Jiru

Rufo Jiru is the founder of Anolee eSisters. This organization came about as a result of Rufo’s observations of the past trauma affecting her community, and the lack of resources available to women in particular. She felt moved to build connections and community for Oromo women to provide sister-to-sister support. 

 Rufo’s background is working in biotechnology for over 15 years as a Research Chemist.  She enjoys different activities as an advocate for Oromo parents in need of connections to local resources. Rufo has served the Oromo Community as a board member from 2016-2018. Rufo is an active member of the Disability Support International Advisory Working group and the MN Autism Council group. She is currently a board member on the Multicultural Autism Action Network (MAAN) and the Minnesota International NGO Network (MINN). The MN Department of Human Services recently awarded Rufo the Civic Engagement Award for 2020. This award recognizes individuals who make their communities stronger through civic participation. 


Committed to working with women from the African diaspora to acknowledge past trauma, embrace healing, build connections, and create systems and supports to effect change in our global and local communities.


At Anole Sisters, our vision is to empower women in the Oromo diaspora by acknowledging past trauma, embracing healing, and building strong connections. We strive to create a supportive and resilient community that fosters growth, prevents social isolation, and inspires transformative change both locally and globally. Through counseling, communication, training, and personalized support, we envision a future where every Oromo woman can thrive and contribute to the well-being of their community.