Gedab Hasasa School Foundation

Gedab Hasasa School Foundation

Gedab Hasasa is one of the districts in the Oromia region of Ethiopia. Part of the West Arsi Zone, Gedeb Hasasa is bordered on the south by Dodola, on the west by Kofele, on the north west by Kore, and on the north by Bekoji. The foundation was founded by Hayat Hashim who grew up in Hasasa, she migrated to Minnesota, USA in the early 2000’s. After visiting Hasasa many times, she was disheartened by the lack of access to quality education in her home town. In 2022 she started the Gedab Hasasa School Foundation, the foundation currently supports six schools listed below

  • Hasaasaa Burqituu (1-8th grade)
  • Mujamma (1-8th grade)
  • Abdii Boruu (1-8th grade)
  • Biiftuu Barii (1-8th Grade)
  • Boolee (1-8th grade)
  • Hasasa Secondary School (9-12th Grade)

Ways to Donate

You can send your donation using the email address or the phone number 651-246-3988

For CashApp, direct your donation to the username $hayatHashim.

Your generous contribution will play a significant role in shaping a brighter future for these children and empowering them through education. Thank you for being a part of this noble cause.

You can contact the founder by email at or the phone number 651-246-3988.

Biiftuu Barii
Abdii Boruu
Hasaasaa Burqituu
Hasasa Secondary School