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Your contribution will go directly towards providing women with the tools and resources they need to overcome trauma, rise up, and effect change. With your support, we can offer trauma-informed programs, training sessions, and leadership development opportunities that will help women break through barriers and achieve their full potential. We believe that every woman has the power to effect change in her community and in the world.


Anolee Sisters

We are a nonprofit organization committed to working with women from the African diaspora to acknowledge past trauma, embrace healing, build connections, and create systems and supports to effect change in our global and local communities.

From isolation to unity: Anolee Sisters’ impactful initiatives.

Story by Mary’s Pence

Anole Sisters works with women in the Oromo diaspora to acknowledge past trauma, embrace healing, and build connections to create change within their community. Anolee Sisters prevents social isolation among Oromo women by creating community, offering counseling groups,  encouraging communication, and providing training and one-on-one support.

Anole Sisters presented their organization to The Woman’s Club of Minneapolis members to broaden their connections. They also prepared  traditional Eastern African food and shared a beautiful coffee ceremony with the attendants.”

Our Mission & Goals

Educate and raise awareness within the African diaspora community

Let’s raise awareness to our community regarding the importance of acknowledging past trauma, embracing healing, building connections, and creating supportive systems to effect positive change.


Be a volunteer and help foster a strong sense of community, and empower women to create meaningful change in their lives .


Donation goes towards supporting programs that address the unique needs of women from the Oromo diaspora and other backgrounds.


We offer a range of resources and support, including crisis counseling, emergency communication channels, and personalized one-on-one aid.

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Are you passionate about making a positive impact in your community? Join Anolee Sisters dynamic team as a Board Member and contribute to our mission of creating lasting change. As a Board Member, you will have the opportunity to lend your expertise and insights to help guide our strategic initiatives and decision-making processes. Your role will involve attending board meetings, offering your perspective on organizational matters, participating in discussions to shape our goals, and supporting fundraising efforts. This is a chance to collaborate with like-minded individuals dedicated to driving meaningful social progress. If you’re interested or have any questions we invite you to reach out